Hi, and welcome to my place on the Internet.

Since early 2019, I am a professional bridge player. Bridge is one of the mind sports, practiced by some 120,000 players in the Netherlands and millions world wide. As a professional player, I offer services to other players, ranging from training courses, beginner’s classes, to directing events.

Before that, I made a living as a manager, project manager and researcher for over 30 years. In those 30 years, I’ve worked on more projects and things than I can remember, but there is a common theme: I like picking up projects that are only a vague idea and where nobody has an idea how the project should be done. My strong point is that I get those projects done, on time, within budget, and with sufficient quality. I occasionally take up assignments in this field.

What can be found on this site: First of all, my contact information. My work is done through 2 companies, the details of those can be found here. In case you want to hire me, here is my resume. I occasionally write about the game of bridge and you can read those articles in the areaHenk’s Hands. Furthermore a few pages with information that I want to store online somewhere. And finally, I have to publish a GDPR statement as well as my general conditions for doing business.

And, in case you wondered, the picture above has been taken in South-Patagonia, December 2019. The Argentineans call this place“El Fin del Mundo” or the“End of the World”. Their neighbours from Chile disagree, their end of the world is a few kilometers down south.



Henk Uijterwaal 2019