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This is my generic CV, not tuned towards a particular job. The longer English version can be downloaded as a PDFhere, and the Dutch version here. The information is also on linked in, though the PDF's are easier to print and read. I’m obviously happy to provide further information on everything.


I am a physicist by training, with a Ph.D. in experimental particle physics, but I have left that field some 25 years ago. Currently, I am focussing on two other areas and I have 2 companies for those activities. What I can I do for you?

Henk Uijterwaal Bridgecoach

As a bridgecoach give courses and training sessions for bridge players of all skill levels, from bright beginners to advanced players. I also run training sessions for tournament directors and other officials within clubs and tournament organizations. As a fully qualified tournament director, I am available for organizing and directing all possible bridge events. Finally, I can help out with the organization of your club or tournament.

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Henk Uijterwaal Advies

Director, (Project) Manager, Researcher.

My strength is to pick up unique and complex ideas and turn those into reality.

With my background as scientific researcher, I can quickly familiarise myself with a complex, unknown and often technical matter, identify the essential issues, and make the problem controllable and solvable. As a manager, my strong point is to assemble a team that picks up an idea, and then to motivate them to do everything to solve the problem. As a projectmanager, I keep track of both the big picture as well as all the little details, and take care that the project will be finished within the constraints set by the sponsor.

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Curious, Optimistic, Organizer, Ambitious, Confident, Diligent, Intelligent, Responsible, Persistent, Serious, No-nonsense attitude.

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