Henk's Hands

Dit is mijn (engelstalige) blog over bridgen met artikelen over van alles wat ik in de bridgewereld zoal tegenkom. Updates zijn onregelmatig, ik schrijf als ik zin en tijd heb.

Het is blog is bedoeld voor gevorderde spelers en een internationaal publiek.

Als je een beginnerscursus bij me volgt, dan ben je van harte welkom om mee te lezen, maar je zal het meeste (nog) niet begrijpen. Dat komt vanzelf als je meer ervaring krijgt.

This is a blog about the game of bridge.

On my desk, there is always a huge pile of hand records, score cards and other pieces of paper with hands scribbled on them. “You should do something useful with them”, the wife once said. This is the result. Updates are irregular, that is, whenever I feel like writing something and whenever I actually have time to do so. I sometimes even post about things that haven't anything to do with bridge. Hey, it is my blog. Of course, all opinions published here are entirely my own.

The blog is aimed at advanced and better players, and an international audience, which is why it is in English. If you are taking one of my beginner’s classes, you are more than welcome to read what I write, but do accept that you won’t understand it all. Don’t worry, you will in a few years time.

Comments are always welcome, just send mail. The pictures you see are usually from Geert. The ads at the bottom of the page come from Google. If you like the articles, occasionally click on an ad, it will generate a few cents for me, helping me to cover the costs for hosting.

This blog has been maintained with various versions of CMS software. Sometimes the formatting didn’t quite survive upgrading to the latest version. If I catch it, I’ll fix it, but this labor intensive as it all has to be done by hand. If something is really wrong, let me know.

In the past, I’ve run out of disk space a couple of times and had to remove flyers for tournaments and such. I don’t think you will miss those, as the events have been played, but if you need something, let me know.

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