Opening Collectie 1/4/2017

DSC 8079

Hendrik, grandson of Mr. de Pecker, reads a poem remembering his granddad.

DSC 8080

Henk Harberts gives an introduction to the museum

DSC 8089

Champagne, or in this case sparkling apple juice, is distributed to Ward and Jana, greatgrandchildern of Mr. de Pecker.

DSC 8093

Henk Harberts (R) and Henk Uijterwaal (L, projectmanager) toast on the success

DSC 7998
DSC 8014
DSC 8019
DSC 8110

Hendrik starting an engine

DSC 8112

Henk Harberts explaining

DSC 8155

Anne, daughter of Mr. de Pecker, listening


Ronald, one of the volunteers of the museum, trying to start an engine

DSC 8230

And it runs, video’s can be found here.

DSC 8278

Family watching a running engine.

Henk Uijterwaal 2019