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This is a blog about the game of bridge.

On my desk, there is a huge pile of hand records, score cards and other pieces of paper with hands scribbled on them. “You should do something useful with them”, the wife once said. This is the result. Updates are irregular, that is, whenever I feel like writing something. I sometimes even post about things that haven't anything to do with bridge. Hey, it is my blog. Of course, opinions published here are entirely my own.

Comments are always welcome, just send mail. The pictures you see are usually from Geert. The ads at the bottom of the page come from Google. If you like the articles, occasionally click on an ad, it will generate a few cents for me, helping me to cover the costs for hosting.

This blog has been maintained with various versions of CMS software. Sometimes the formatting didn’t quite survive upgrading to the latest version. If I catch it, I’ll fix it, but this labor intensive as it all has to be done by hand. If something is really wrong, let me know.

On 27/6/2017I ran out of space on the hosting machine and did a clean-up on all pdf versions of flyers and such that were linked in from the blog entries. As this material is obsolete by now, I’m sure you are not going to miss is but in case you do, contact me.

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